Group photo of members of the WiscWind team.

WiscWind Project Team

The WiscWind student team from UW-Madison competes in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Collegiate Wind Competition (CWC) to:

  • design, build and test a small-scale wind turbine,
  • develop a detailed project development plan for a large-scale wind farm, and
  • conduct outreach to local communities and industry professionals.

WiscWind provides hands-on experience to UW-Madison undergraduate students in the field of renewable energy. The group utilizes several sub-teams—electrical, project development, mechanical, and outreach—to carry out the tasks of the competition.

The team houses their office and workspace on the first floor of the Wisconsin Energy Institute, but also utilizes manufacturing spaces such as the Makerspace, TEAM Lab and WEMPEC Lab. This allows the team to do electrical design and testing and mechanical assembly of the wind turbine as well as meet to plan and carry out all aspects of the multi-faceted competition.

The team utilizes various professors, researchers, graduate students, and industry members as advisors to help the team evolve its designs to best fit the objectives of the competition.